‘Masters Of Sex’ Season 2 News: Annaleigh Ashford Spills On Former Prostitute Betty’s Return To Drama [VIDEO]


She's back! Annaleigh Ashford will be returning to Masters of Sex as former prostitute Betty for Season 2. Although the character was only in a couple of episodes last season, she made quite the impact.

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Betty's husband actually helped William Masters (Michael Sheen) get his job at Memorial Hospital and now Betty is showing up for fake fertility treatments with Masters to "fool" her husband.

Ashford, who is best known for her Broadway work, told The Wire on July 21 that she didn't know how Betty would come back on the show, but that "pretty much unless you die, there's always a way to come back into the story."

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"I knew that we'd pick up where we left off with her, that she was married to a man that she's hiding a lot of secrets from," Ashford said about her character, who is hiding her past from her husband. "That's always provides an interesting story. So yeah, secrets are always good for the story."

Ashford said that the first couple of episodes "shed light" on Betty's massive amount of secrets that she's been hiding from her new husband. "It's interesting to watch a strong woman give up that strength and give up her life for a man because she knows that's the only way she can progress on the social ladder."

Masters of Sex airs Sunday nights on Showtime.

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