Mary McDonnell knows that people connect with her character Sharon Raydor on Major Crimes. A huge fan hit on TNT, the show was just renewed for a fourth season and McDonnell said she likes that the show keeps "moving forward."

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"They change with life," McDonnell recently told Daily Dragon Online before she made an appearance at the annual Dragon Con event in Atlanta during Labor Day. "And they try to live. I appreciate that none of the characters are seriously disturbed, and that's refreshing to me! I just love the humanity of the interactions. That's why they work."

Recent casting news has hinted that Lt. Flynn (Tony Denison)'s daughter (played by Torrey DeVitto) could bring the characters closer together, as there are many "Shandy" fans out there. McDonnell wouldn't hint on spoilers, but did say relationships get more complicated.

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"And there are a couple of heavy duty crimes that you're going to see," she said.

McDonnell also acknowledged that her character wasn't necessarily the easiest to like while on The Closer, but has become a favorite now. "I wanted the opportunity to take 'Darth Rader,' as the characters called her, and open her up so people would go: 'You know what, I was pretty quick to judge that woman and I didn't know a thing about her.' And that's what happened," McDonnell said. "And I'm thrilled with that." Major Crimes just wrapped up Part 1 of Season 3, but is expected to come back in November for Part 2.