While the stars of Batman v Superman are busy doing ice bucket challenges and showing off their green socks, it seems like the transportation of one of its stars has made its way online and it looks very similar to the vehicle used in a previous movie.

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The first images of Batman's Batmobile hit the web via Instagram and the vehicle looks a lot like the Tumbler that the hero drove during The Dark Knight trilogy that was directed by Christopher Nolan.

While it isn't crazy for some resemblance of the Nolan movies to pop up in this series, with one of his own writers, David Goyer, doing work on the franchise, it is odd that they decided to create a vehicle that looks very similar to the one they used in a set of movies that ended just a few years ago.

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The new Batmobile looks a lot like a hybrid between the Tumbler and the more classic vehicle that was used in the Tim Burton movies, with that more car-shaped feel to it, while the Tumbler felt more like an army tank.

With the look that Ben Affleck is going with, it seems like this incarnation of Batman will feature a mix of classic and newer, and this is very apparent in how they decided to design the car. It will curious to how it will run and if it will have the same powers as the Tumbler had.

Batman v Superman is directed by Zack Snyder and hits theaters on March 25, 2016.