K. Michelle 'Breakfast Club' Interview 2014; Former 'Love and Hip Hop ATL' Star Warns 'LHHH''s Soulja Boy Not to 'Lie on Her Hot Pocket' [VIDEO]

The hilarious and extremely talented K. Michelle released her new single, Love 'Em All, earlier this week and went on The Breakfast Club to promote it. Of course, Charlamagne, Angela Yee and DJ Envy got her to open up about much more than music, and the reality star delivered entertaining amounts of tea.

As the Atlantic Records singer prepares to release her second studio album, she has cleaned up her image but used the "World's Most Dangerous Morning Show" to clear up some rumors that have been bothering her lately.

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Check out the 20 Things We Learned about K. Michelle from her Interview with 'The Breakfast Club':

1. K. Michelle may be coming out with her own line of edibles.  If you don't know what an edible is, Google is your friend. (Hint: Why people will buy this just became legal in California)

2. She worked with Ne-Yo on her new album, AWBAH, after she gave him edibles.  Before he passed out, she said that she loved working with him because for someone of his caliber, he is not stuck up.

3. She is happy and her "hot pocket" works again.

4. K. Michelle is over the baby mama drama.  After reportedly dating international basketball player Bobby Maze, she received public attacks from the mother of his child on Instagram. This isn't the first time, either. But for the record, being a mother herself, she would not seriously date someone who did not take care of his children.

5. Contrary to popular belief, she has never slept with or dated MMG rapper Meek Mill.  The two flirt and definitely have chemistry, but they have never taken it to the next level.

6. Elle Varner is not her friend because she stole K's song and, according to her, her "turned-up" persona.  She and Elle were close for a while, but after her former management company MBK allowed her to release the song, she left.

7. Lil' Kim and K. Michelle were friends before Nicki Minaj performed on the VMA's but after K tweeted about Nicki being the "Queen of rap", Kim's fans attacked. K is never one to hold her tongue, so she berated Kim's fans and Kim sided with them. She texted her about the situation, but Kim never responded (most likely because K called her "an elder" in front of millions of fans).

8. Surprisingly, Anita Baker and K. Michelle have "getting into it" with other women, in common. Anita revealed to K that things were just as vicious in the music industry when she was coming up, the only difference is, it wasn't on television.

9. "Keep singing them songs, girl! Someone is going to marry you," is the advice Smokie Robinson gave to K. Michelle. How awesome, and a bit humiliating, is that?

10.She loves Mary J. Blige to death.

11. K Michelle is trying her best to "not intimidate white people."  Her management told her to calm down.

12.Soulja Boy implied that he slept with her in an interview, and she SHUT that all the way down.

13. K. Michelle's new show is not about her getting into fights, it's about her being the boss that she is. On her new VH1 reality show, K. Michelle: My Life, fans will see her as a mother navigating her growing career.

14. She thought Lance Stephenson blowing in Lebron James' ear was hilarious, and consistent with his goofy personality. They are still close and broke up because of baby mama drama and to focus on their careers.

15. Because of her southern upbringing, she thinks Adrian Peterson should be left alone.  She was whooped and had to pick her own switch, so in her opinion, it's not that big of a deal.

16. Her new album will feature country music and one of its' biggest stars.

17. She hates the box radio and the industry places on African American artists' and thinks if Katy Perry can release Dark Horse, then she should be able to release a country song.

18. K. Michelle giggled when asked if she slept with Idris Elba, and never confirm nor denied the rumors Charlamagne asked her about.

19. Her new single, Love 'Em All, is about K liking all of the men that she dates. According to the blogs, she dates many.

20. No word on when her new album comes out or what AWBAH means, yet.

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