Torrei Hart may be an "Atlanta Ex," but she's definitely not a bitter one. Though it may be hard to believe, with various reports and blog posts posted about her in recent months, after our exclusive interview, we found out that she is happily busy and madly in love. For the first time ever, she dishes on how she met her new man and blending their families.

At this point, Hart is too busy to care about every thing anyone has to say. Whether she is on the set of her new movie, "Yanks," selling her Skimpy Mixer or hanging out with her new man, her past does not define her. As she embarks on her own career, she hopes that her fans will soon get that, too. -- Gia Peppers @GiaPeppers

In your opinion, how do you think the show is going, so far?

I'm happy with it. I can only speak for myself, but I think it accurately shows every single side of me. I'm glad I didn't hold anything back. I'm learning that I have to grow in some areas, but I can't allow people to get me upset or take me out of my character.

So, on your Instagram, you've posted pictures with your new man. Can you tell us about him? His name is Reno, correct?

Yes! His name is Reno Rankin and he is also my manager. The first time we met, we sat and talked for 8 hours straight. It was strictly business but there was an undeniable chemistry. Eventually, we agreed that there was no need to fight it... Next month, we will have been together for one year.

Awwww! Does he have children, too? How are you dealing with your new blended family?

I really like having a blended family! His daughter is like a big sister to Heaven... And he has nephews the same age as my son. My daughter is a tomboy - just like I was when I was growing up - but his daughter is prissy, so now I get to have my girly-girl, too. I really didn't think I would be good at it, but I'm enjoying it.

What has this new chapter of your life taught you?

It has taught me to go with the flow. In life, you never know what can happen so I embrace it. I see the things Reno does and how we he treats my kids, and it makes me happy. I've learned that in life, you don't have full control. You have to embrace change and the things that come with it.

How do your children deal with the fame they have now?

They love it... I actually named my daughter and son with the intention of them going into show business. With a mother like me and father like Kevin, I figured they would want to. The names Heaven Hart and Kendrix Hart sound like entertainers, and so far, they really have embraced it. I just had a conversation with my daughter the other day and she told me that she wants to be a comedienne. I asked, "Are you sure?" I told her that it was the hardest job in show business and that you might not get one laugh. She said, "Yes, I'm sure because I like to see people smile."

Would you ever consider doing a show like T.I. and Tiny's "Family Hustle" with your kids?

I would definitely consider it. I would have to discuss it with their father because Kevin and I share custody, 50/50. It would be something we both would have to decide. I would've had them on the show but they were in school while I was filming in Atlanta. I didn't want to pull them out. 

I would watch that! What happened to your hilarious YouTube channel, Pretty Funny Fish?

Simone and I have been very busy. We haven't had time to film anything because we are both working on other projects. But, every time we get together, we talk about it. We've written stuff but just haven't had the time to film. But, that's my little sister and it will always be #PrettyFunnyFishForever.

Ok, let's play a little game! Describe each of your cast mates in one word! Ready?


Monyetta?  Sweetheart.

Tameka?  Misunderstood.

Christina?  Butterfly.

Wait, why butterfly?

Because she acts like she walks around with candles and incense! She's always 'Zen.' Every time I see her, I tell her that she was probably a butterfly in her former life.

Haha! And finally, one word for Sherree.

That's my wild child.

I loved your scene last week with her. You were a true friend by going with her to find her dad. Is that your closest cast mate on the show?

Yea, I would say that. We are both Pisces. We live life and don't judge. We don't care about what anyone thinks. We've hung out together off-camera and on-camera. That's my girl!

Is there anything else that you want to set the record straight about, before we go?

First, I'm not bitter. I've never been bitter. All I've ever done was spoken my truth. I've never said anything bad about Kevin, but because I am the less famous one, people think I am bitter. The only reason Kevin came up on the show is because I had to talk about him to establish who I was and how I became "an ex." Other than that, I haven't said one bad word about Kevin. Now, I'm in love. I'm happy, but I had to go there to be on the show. He's a part of my past and it is what it is.

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