'Big Brother 16' Spoilers: Cody & Derrick Likely Bringing Each Other To Final 2, But Could Victoria Be Bitter? [VIDEO]


The first two parts of the final Head of Household competition have been completed in the Big Brother 16 house and the results are relatively predictable.

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Live feeders watched Cody Calafiore win the first part of the HOH competition, which involved him, Derrick Levasseur and Victoria Rafaeli hanging on a ledge while holding on to a hang glider. This competition took place last Wednesday. This means he will be one of the two houseguests facing off in the finale in the third and final part of the competition.

The two losers, Derrick and Victoria, faced off against each other in Part 2 of the HOH competition, which took place on Friday. The competition involved memory of past events in the house. Predictably, Derrick won the competition over Victoria.

Cody, Derrick & Victoria Compete In Final Endurance HOH Competition on Big Brother 16

With Victoria now out of the running, Cody and Derrick will face off live on Wednesday night during the finale where one of them will become the final HOH of the summer.

While there has been some question during the week about whether or not Cody and Derrick would take each other to the end, this has been all but confirmed over the past few days. Cody and Derrick have been aligned from the very beginning of the game and while Derrick has protected Victoria up to this point, it seems like he'll be letting her go now.

Regardless of who wins the final HOH competition, it's looking like it'll be a Cody vs. Derrick Final 2. It may be more beneficial to Derrick if Cody were to win the final competition so that he, Derrick, doesn't have to backstab Victoria and potentially lose a vote. However, if Derrick does indeed win the competition, he will very likely make a direct attack against Victoria.

Victoria has admitted that she wants Derrick to win either way, so it might not matter in the end.

Going into the jury vote, it would seem as though Derrick has it in the bag, but he has mostly been in the shadows calling the shots, so it's possible that he could lose a few votes to Cody. Jurors will see Cody revealing the Hitmen alliance to Caleb and Victoria just as he was about to evict Caleb, so some jurors may commend Cody for sticking to his guns and making a big move against Caleb.

It will all go down Wednesday night at 9:30/8:30c on CBS when the jury will crown either Cody, Derrick or Victoria as the winner of Big Brother 16.

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