Just after shutting down rumors that she and Dwyane Wade were expecting their first child together, Gabrielle Union's best friend and actress Essence Atkins opened up about officiating the now newlywed's wedding ceremony.

Gabrielle Union Slams Fans' Speculations That She Is Pregnant 'Reading Is Fundamental'

Union, who played Atkins' friend on the former hit series Smart Guy, chose Atkins and her husband to make her marriage to the Miami Heat star official.

The two also played sisters in the movie Deliver Us From Eva.

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Atkins told Hip Hollywood Thursday evening, "Amazing, amazing. Magical. My husband and I were really honored to officiate the ceremony. We had a great time. It was beautiful. It was a gorgeous day."

Atkins added that the wedding, which took place on Aug. 30 in Miami, Fla. also served a purpose for her and her husband's marriage.

"The great thing for us as husband and wife and being on the presence of our five-year anniversary. It was a reminder to my husband and I about why we stood up there five years ago and what we promised each other.

"It was really nice. It was affirming for them and reaffirming for us. That's what it's all about. So it's lovely."

Atkins' comments come just on the brink of Union slamming fans who speculated that she was pregnant.

She shared a "Throwback Thursday" picture that featured her with a larger dress. She expressed in the caption that she wore a larger piece because she planned on eating a lot. But that didn't stop fans from wondering if she rocked a baby bump.

In the end, she snapped back and commented, "I wore a big dress so I could eat...no baby bump...reading is fundamental kids... am I the only one that dresses so I could can pig out? Or does everyone just unbutton their pants after dinner like big mama??? Lmao...y'all are funny."


 #tbt NY date night at Carbone's in my new fave boots and hat... you ever wear "good eatin clothes" so you can be comfy when the gluttony kicks in... yeah... that