While no definite plans are set, it seems like both producers and stars of the franchise want to keep The Expendables going with a fourth movie and they have some ideas of who they want to join the gang. But could that include one star who is about to lead his own action movie?

Director's Cut Of 'Expendables 3' Will Feature More Violence, R-Rated Content

With the upcoming release of John Wick, Keanu Reeves has decided to enter the action genre, much like Denzel Washington with The Equalizer and Liam Neeson with the Taken franchise and give audiences a more intimate, character-driven action piece to go see with blockbuster season over.

Reeves, who has shown his action side recently with other movies like 47 Ronin, seems to be working the genre as of late and could be a potential addition to the Expendables crew for the fourth movie.

'Expendables 4' Star Promises The Movie Will Be 'Hardcore Rated R'

He has always had that star power, at least since The Matrix series, and would be a perfect addition to the team, even if it were in a small, cameo type of role like Harrison Ford in the last movie. It would also allow Reeves to maybe gain new fans if he had a good time along the way to go and see his smaller action movies that are much different from The Expendables.

While names like Washington, Jackie Chan, and Pierce Brosnan have been thrown around, it isn't certain even if they will have a movie and when, but with a host of action stars that would work within the perimeters, it would be wise to add Reeves to the cast.