Amid the upcoming premiere of TNT's The Librarians, select cast members of the highly anticipated adventure series took to the New York City Comic Con roundtables on Oct. 10 to promote its small screen debut.

From within the press room confines of the Javits Center, actors Rebecca Romijin (Eve Baird), Lindy Booth (Cassandra Cillian), John Kim (Ezekiel Jones), Christian Kane (Jake Stone) and writer John Rogers each made their rounds to dish on the 10-episode season.

Rogers, whose previous credits include Leverage and Transformers, felt that it was time to construct a more diverse nucleus of TV roles for The Librarians. This was clearly evident in the casting for the made-for-TV-movie originals-turned television series.

"Let's do one where we can get a different combination of people," he said.

One such fascinating role was given to Kick Ass 2's Lindy Booth, who signed on to play Cassandra Cillian, a person she claims is the furthest thing from normal.

"Her senses are crossed. She sees numbers as colors, science as musical notes and smells math like breakfast. So weird, so funny, so well written," she explained.

Despite Cassandra's sense disconnect, Booth says she's still a secure woman nonetheless.

"She's not comfortable in her head, but comfortable in her own skin," she added.

Romijin, who starred in TNT's short-lived King & Maxwell in 2013, feels as though viewers will easily relate to Eve Baird, a counter-terrorism agent protecting the group.

"I'm the voice of the audience, the skeptic who doesn't believe in magic," she said.

Kane, also a Leverage alumni, is all too familiar with Rogers' writing style. However, unlike his prior rough around the edges Eliot Spencer persona, the Jake Stone part was penned with his real-life background in mind.

"My character is a lot like me. He has me coming out of Oklahoma with a blue collar working Dad. Kind of a bar brawler who's thrown into this world of magic," he said.

With most of the ensemble cast composed of veteran actors such as Noah Wyle (Flynn Carson) and Kane, newbie actor Kim was quick to acknowledge the opportunity he's been given to portray the mysterious and crime-knowledgeable Ezekiel Jones.

"It's incredible. I'm very fortunate and grateful to be a part of it," he said.

Surprisingly, the 21-year-old Aussie even admitted to being thrown into the fold without any American acting experience.

"I didn't have the luxury of doing guest spots here and there. They just gave me the dialogue and keys to the car and said, 'go ahead,'" he said.

The Librarians revolves around an ancient organization located below the Metropolitan Public Library that protects the world from a secret and magical reality. The team solves difficult mysteries, takes on supernatural threats and retrieves ancient artifacts from across the globe.

The program is set to premiere on Dec. 7 on the TNT network. Be sure to check back with Enstars for all its latest information. Check out the official trailer below.