Lynne Diamante, the pageant queen expert who holds more than 30 titles, expressed a number of details on the pageant world, including how these competitions can empower women, the stereotypes that come along with them and what she's learned from being on the reality series Game of Crowns.

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When it comes to pageants in general, Diamante is aware that the public tends to view the participants as unintelligent or superficial. The queen explained that this is a total myth since a person's intellect is one of the most important parts of being in a pageant show, while their looks are a much smaller portion. 

"In most pageants, the interview score is usually somewhere between 30 and 40 percent, sometimes more," Diamante exclusively told "And then the swimsuit and evening gown categories might be broken down to a little bit less than that, and then obviously the on-stage question also contributes to your intelligence and your knowledge."

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Diamante also mentioned that being in a pageant show does not only show intelligence, but it can cause women to become stronger individuals. These girls have the ability to develop public speaking skills which can be beneficial later on.

"Those are things that can translate into giving successful academic interviews, get into medical school or law school, so I would definitely say that pageants are highly beneficial in filling those self-confidence skills that will really help you down the road in your adult life as a professional woman," the queen said.

As for her time on the Bravo reality competition Game of Crowns, Diamante described it as an "educational experience." Considering that she was in a group with other pageant queen winners, naturally, things were bound to get enticing.

"Things always evolve, and I think, especially when you have a group of very strong, talented, educated women, the six of us were all very vested in our different professional fields and very vested in committing to do well in pageants," the reality star explained.

Even though she had fun on the reality series, Diamante pointed out that it's nice to take time off.

"In the off season, it's just a good time to gather your thoughts and you have a little bit more peace when there's not always a camera crew following around the daily activities," she admitted.

Diamante is currently staying busy as a CEO for Optyx, a company that specializes in the latest styles of sunglasses. As much as she loves her work - whether it's running a business or expressing herself on stage - her main priority is her family.

"My husband and I work together so running my company, going to work, raising my daughter, keeping our house in order, cooking meals, having dinner together most nights are the number one thing in my life," Diamante said. "As much as I enjoy pageantry, it will never be more important than our family or the lifestyle that we try to uphold in the house."