Raven Symone 2014: Lord Jamar Calls The Actress An 'Idiot' & A 'Confused Little Girl' After Her Interview With Oprah Winfrey [VIDEO]


Lord Jamar, the popular 90's rapper, has spoken his thoughts on Raven Symone's interview with Oprah Winfrey where she didn't label herself as African-American- and as it turns out, the rapper was not supportive at all.

Chatter On Raven Symone's Interview With Oprah

On Tuesday, VLAD TV posted an live interview with Jamar where he was asked what he thought about Symone's comments on how she doesn't label herself. The first thing that the rapper said was, "She's an idiot."

Jamar went on about how he thinks the That's So Raven actress is unsure of herself and has an "identity crisis."

Raven Symone Shares A PHOTO With Oprah On Instagram

"She's just confused, like, can we stop taking the statements of mentally confused people and taking them seriously," the rapper said. "She obviously has an identity crisis, you know- culturally, sexually, all kinds of s--t- she's just a confused little girl and I feel sorry for her."

Jamar went on to say that Symone is having "battles with her weight" and that she's "eating her pain." He also responded to what the actress said about not using any other kinds of labels for herself, something that the rapper disagrees with.

"It's absurd some of the s--t people say, and try to sound deep about it- 'I don't want to use any labels. I don't discriminate against anything-' yes, you do," Jamar said. You discriminate against every f---ing thing."

The rapper used his own examples of how people discriminate.

"When you buy a Big Mac over a f---ing Mcfish, you're discriminating. So knock it off!" he said. "Every f---ing thing is labeled for a reason to give you a description of it sometimes without seeing it to give you a frame of reference of what we're speaking about."

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