After months of speculating and almost conformations, it seems like Marvel has their guy for the role of Doctor Strange in the upcoming movie. But will this British actor be a perfect pick or did Marvel commit too early to the casting of the Sorcerer Supreme?

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Deadline reported on Monday that Benedict Cumberbatch is in talks with Marvel to take on the role of Doctor Strange in director Scott Derrickson's film. Cumberbatch is most well-known for his role on BBC's Sherlock, but has started to trickle into mainstream Hollywood with villain roles in The Hobbit and Star Trek: Into Darkness.

So what makes him a good pick?

Benedict Cumberbatch, Joaquin Phoenix Back In For 'Doctor Strange?'

1) He is a stellar actor

Cumberbatch is a very talented actor as shown through his work on Sherlock, but he is also nearing his first awards performance as his take on Alan Turing in The Imitation Game this year could land him his first Oscar nomination. The actor has been able to bring his talents to a wider audience though as he voices the Smaug in the final Hobbit movie later this year.

2) He has been in a big movie, but not on his own

As mentioned before, he has appeared in some of the more popular movies recently such as Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Hobbit, but the actor has yet to own a franchise. By taking on Doctor Strange, it allows Cumberbatch to hone a character and lead his very own vehicle and become as popular in America as he is in England.

3) He has mass appeal

You don't go unnoticed if you have a group of followers known as the "Cumberbitches." The actor has garnered a lot of notice for his star-turning role as Sherlock and has become a sensation overseas for the role. Not only that, he also has impeccable charm that has him as a winner amongst the late night circuit.

4) He is widely sought after

This isn't the only superhero franchise that a studio has been eyeing Cumberbatch to lock up. The actor has turned up on wish lists for Warner Bros' Justice League as Martian Manhunter most recently. Marvel just hooked in one of the most popular names in Hollywood right now to take on a character that isn't as popular as Iron Man or Captain America.

5) He is utterly menacing

While Doctor Strange isn't a villain, he has some oddities to him and with Cumberbatch taking on the role, and seeing his previous work, he should be a perfect fit to make the character both frightening yet enchanting and mystifying yet menacing. His work on Sherlock shows he can be a lovable sociopath and it may come in handy with this new role.

Doctor Strange is expected to hit theaters in July 2016.