As the first movie makes its way onto DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, plans for the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy is underway. But James Gunn says that he doesn't want this franchise to act like another big franchise, James Bond, in this way.

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In an interview with Comic Book Resources on Monday, Gunn spoke about what he was working on with the sequel and how it would differ from the first movie in terms of the team and how they would respond to things.

"Really, it's just about walking forward in an elegant manner. When you go forward with a group of characters, that means you have to go forward. And going forward means you're understanding these characters in a new way, you're developing a new kind of story about their lives and who they are and where they're going," he said.

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"And if you're doing that, if you're walking forward, then you can't just repeat what you did before. That's going backwards. That's not understanding the character."

Gunn also cited James Bond as a franchise that he doesn't want Guardians to look like because he feels that these characters will change over time while Bond keeps a very similar formula for all their films.

"That's not a knock. It's a really fun series. But that's not what the Guardians are. The Guardians are going to continuously change," he said.

"I think that some of the characters are probably worse than what we think they are, and other characters are better than we think they are. It's going to be interesting to learn a little bit about that as time goes on."

As for the next movie, Gunn does say that the story is finished and he is excited to get back at it. "Well, I'm really inspired. The whole story is written. I'm very excited about it. And that's where it is," he said. "But the story point for me is, in a lot of ways, the most difficult thing. I feel like it's pretty strong. It's constantly shifting, but I feel like it's pretty strong. I'm excited about it."