'James Bond 24' Movie News: Ralph Fiennes Dishes On 'Toughness' & 'Ruthlessness' Of M Character [VIDEO]

Production has begun on the next James Bond movie with one cast member having the daunting task of taking over for a legendary actress.

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Speaking with Flicks and the City last week, Ralph Fiennes talked about taking over the role of M from Judi Dench and what director Sam Mendes expects of him.

"I'm working with Sam (Mendes) to find my own path, but still keep true to some of the things that Judi established like her toughness and a quality of ruthlessness. I think they're good things to keep in play," he said.

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"I like the way Sam works, he is interested in characters, and we are not just cyphers filling in a successful franchise backstory and he is interested in what is going on in people's heads, while also balancing out things that the fans expect."

He also talked about the history of the franchise and how it is ever changing with each new entry. He also talked about how Daniel Craig fits into that equation now.

"Ian Fleming tapped into some male hero figure with lots of it now being politically incorrect and very sexist at the time, but I think an element of humor and wit that the films gave Bond, possibly moe than the books, added a lightness of touch so it was more tongue and cheek," Fiennes said.

"Roger Moore's Bond capitalized on that tongue and cheek thing and I think Daniel (Craig) has brought Bond back into something gritty and real, which reflects our time. The 60s and 70s were possibly a more benign time globally than where we are now. But Daniel is a great Bond and I always like this believability that he was a frontline field agent."

Spectre comes out on Nov. 6, 2015.

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