'Stalker' TV Show Cast: Mariana Klaveno Dishes On Getting Her 'Demons Out' In Dark Roles & How One Can Avoid Being A Victim [EXCLUSIVE, VIDEO]

Mariana Klaveno loves a moody, complex character and her resume is a love letter to the dark side. Her previous roles, which include Peri Westmore on Devious Maids, Carissa Porter on Dexter and Bill's sire Lorena on True Blood were the perfect preparation for her latest gig as Janice Lawrence on CBS's primetime hit Stalker.

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"This time I'm playing one of the good guys," she told EnStars exclusively. "There's definitely a connection with a lot of the work that I've done with sort of darker material."

As for why she's attracted to intense storylines, Klaveno jokes it's because her life behind the camera isn't quite as exciting.

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"I'm really quite boring in my own life, maybe that's the key," Klaveno said with a laugh. "I get my demons out at work."

She's not kidding about those demons. Each week, Stalker tells the tale of Los Angeles residents who are being, well, stalked. Klaveno credits the intriguing story lines to series creator Kevin Williamson who knows just how to give viewers a good fright.

"Kevin Williamson is a genius at creating these intense, tense moments," Klaveno says. "Audiences love to be scared into their seats and curl up on the couch lights out and [terrify] themselves," The actress adds, "That's just a basic human. I guess it's a need. I mean, it's just something that we go back to over and over again to have that experience."

While the show is wildly entertaining, Klaveno is quick to point out the personal safety lessons addressed in each episode.

"We are doing a very serious subject matter. I think in a lot of ways--especially for women a lot of times--we are giving people instructions on what to do and what not to do. There are certain behaviors you can avoid to not be a victim," Klaveno shared. "You don't give people your address on social media, you don't keep details about yourself on social media. There's a lot of things--Internet dating, the do's and dont's. I think the show on that level can actually be very educational and informative."

For all the fans who are desperate for Stalker spoilers, Klaveno tried to remain coy, but gave us one juicy detail.

"I will say that the Perry storyline is going to continue to be very interesting," the actress says. "I think you'll get to see more about certain characters' backgrounds and you'll find out what is driving that personal subplot," she said. "And that's pretty much all I can say..."

Stalker airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.

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