'Taken 3' News: Liam Neeson Dishes On New Year's Resolution [VIDEO]

The Taken series is definitely action-packed and thrilling, but apparently some people don't believe they are fiction, and it's Liam Neeson's goal to set them straight so they won't be afraid to travel.

Liam Neeson Talks What It Was Like Shooting 'Taken 3,' Says Story Is 'Pretty Damn Good'

On Friday, News Corp Australia reported that Neeson is such a great action in his action-packed thrillers that he has officially scared some of the viewers out of traveling.

In December, Neeson reportedly received a letter from a teacher who said for the second time she was struggling with parental fears of traveling on a trip to Europe that she was chaperoning. She originally wrote Neeson a few years ago about the same issue.

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"I was really shocked by that," Neeson told the publicaiton. "These kids had never been outside the state and she was desperate to get some assurance but what I am doing is writing her a letter or a to-whom-it-may-concern letter that she can print out or send to these parents that this is a movie. The chance of your kids being taken in Europe are one in 20 million or something. I was shocked, I was just shocked. With the success of these films there is the other side and getting a letter like that ... It's fiction, I know stuff happens in life but it's still fiction, the Taken movies are fiction."

Neeson plays Bryan Mills in the Taken series. Mills has acquired a "particular set of skills" in his job training and uses it to first save her kidnapped Daughter and then to help her daughter save him in the second movie!

The third movie in the series, though, no one gets kidnapped.

"I was not keen on doing a third, I will be honest with you," he said. "I remember saying 'If anyone gets taken I'm not doing it, you can't insult the audience with this. A third time?'" he told the publication.

Regardless, the Taken movies remain wildly popular and this is supposed to be the final movie. It has even been officially subtitled It Ends Here.

Taken 3 premieres on January 9, 2015. Watch the official trailer below.

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