Ben Affleck was rightfully recognized for his humanitarian work overseas during the People's Choice Awards Wednesday night, but the actor accepted his award by praising others.

"I've had the privilege of working with so many incredible people in Congo, and all over the world, who I assure you are far more deserving," he said. "I've been lucky to spend time with real humanitarians, people who in the face of incredible challenges and war and poverty and disease, dedicate every waking moment to rebuilding their country and a better future for their families and their communities. And that's really on whose behalf I want to accept this award."

Affleck, 42, also encouraged the public to offer some help and bring "some kindness" into the world in order to combat all devastating circumstances that plague communities around the globe.

While the Academy Award winner was humble in his speech, Affleck's co-star Amy Adams enthusiastically explained why he's deserving of the honor while introducing him.

"The same qualities that make my friend Ben Affleck a phenomenal actor, director and writer are also what make him an extraordinary humanitarian," his Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice co-star said. "He puts his heart and soul into everything he does."

Adams spoke of Affleck's involvement with combating violence and disease in the Eastern Congo, which has killed more than five million people to date. She explained that Affleck has not only visited the area and interacted with Congolese leaders, child soldiers and refugees, he also testified before Congress three times to urge the U.S. government to step in.

"He directed a short film about the crisis and became a champion for the Congolese people, who in the face of poverty and hopelessness have never given up and neither has Ben," she added.

Affleck also created the Eastern Congo Initiative which helps children attend school, aides businesses and gives a voice to abuse victims.

"In his words, this is a country of survivors," Adams said. "Helping them survive and thrive is his legacy."

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Watch Affleck's speech below:

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