With RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 coming along shortly, some might be wondering what last year's winner Bianca Del Rio thinks of these new competitors.

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On Wednesday, a video was released of recording artist Adam Barta and writer Michael Musto at the 2015 Glam Awards where they had a chance to speak with Del Rio. When she was asked how she felt about these upcoming candidates, the queen said that she didn't know who any of these new performers were, which is actually a good thing.

"I remember last year when I knew I was on the show and I had to keep secret just being on it is that I don't want to know anything," Del Rio said. "I want to sit back as a viewer and watch it. And the great thing is because there are no queens that I don't know from around I'm excited to see it. But in the end you never know."

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The Drag Race winner then said that anything can happen in the new competition considering that her status wasn't at the greatest start when she was on the show.

"In the beginning, everyone was calling me a c--- and all these blogs were saying that I'm eliminated first and I broke my leg and I did this," Del Rio recalled. "It's like, don't believe anything, just sit back and watch the f---ing show."

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 is expected to premiere this spring on Logo TV.