Dawn Richard Breakfast Club Interview 2015: Former 'Danity Kane' Member Reveals Why She Punched Aubrey O' Day, 'Everybody Gets Pushed to a Limit' [VIDEO]

Dawn Richard has had her fair share of heartache in the music industry. After her two relationships with her former groups Danity Kane and Dirty Money came to an end, she decided to go out on her own, for good. Her new album, "Blackheart," features electro inspired beats exposing a new, deeper side of Richard's love for genre-bending music. It's ambitious but her impeccable vocals, passion for music and courage to do it without a major label is reason enough to give it a listen.

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During an exclusive listening event in NYC, our Enstars Original Team recalls her saying, "I don't care who likes it, I just want to create dope music and if you like it then, dope."

While visiting with Charlamagne, DJ Envy and Angela Yee, Dawn took the time to clear up a few rumors, including the one about her punching former Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day in the face and what's actually going on with her face.

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On getting cosmetic surgery:

"No (she has not gotten plastic surgery), but honestly I have come to the conclusion that people have already decided what they want to say and what they believe. If I say no they're going to say I'm a liar and if I say yes they'll be like you a disgrace. You bleach your skin".

On why she decided to go back to Danity Kane:

"I wanted to prove to myself I could finish something. If a lot of the fans wanted it I thought maybe it would have been a really good idea. We could have done something revolutionary".

On why Danity Kane split up:

"The problem with Danity Kane was everybody wanted to play everybody's role. And when you're in a group like that, that can't survive. Everybody can't be Kobe [Bryant] on the team".

On why she punched Aubrey O'Day in the face:

"There is no excuse for my behavior but what I'm saying it everybody gets pushed to a limit. When something is poisoning and you go into the studio and people are literally going behind your back and lying to you and taking your vocals and doing things that are shady that's foul."

In short, Dawn had a rough year after she found out her father had cancer. She was in and out of their scheduled studio sessions but stayed in contact with the group for updates. She went in after to sing her parts and everything was going fine until the group allegedly thought she had too much lead on the tracks. According to her, they went behind her back to record and when she confronted them, everything got out of hand.

On if she and Aubrey will ever be friends again:

"It's no love lost. I love my group members; I just don't like the things that we do. When something is poison you have to know when to say it's enough. I didn't like who I was when I was in it. We didn't love it. We were coming in fighting, that's not what we suppose to be. It's supposed to be love. If it's not about the art, if it's not about the fans then what are we really doing it for?"

Watch the full interview, here.

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Stream and purchase her new album, "Blackheart," here.

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