'Sherlock' Season 4 Release: Benedict Cumberbatch Reveals How He 'Painstakingly' Remembers His Lines [VIDEO]

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is tasked to perform some tough dialogue in the BBC series, but the actor has a way of memorizing that makes it easier.

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Portraying a genius can be difficult, especially with the extended soliloquies that Sherlock Holmes often goes on, but Cumberbatch dedicates a lot of time to learning his lines.

"There are two things," Cumberbatch told People recently. "I memorize them very painstakingly and slowly. And I try to exercise, and stay off the cigarettes, booze and caffeine when filming, so I've got this good, healthy oxygenated blood and can think fast."

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Even though he goes into his performance with a clear mind, he is still human and he does struggle from time to time.

"There's always a moment when I get behind and I'm having a messy day, and I'm just kind of going, 'Sorry .... ' But by and large, you have to be really disciplined," he noted.

He also said that the conditions they are filming in can be a factor in the quality of his performance.

"It can be hell when you're standing on the side of the Thames in January with the winds ... you can't even move your jaw, so trying to do one of the long passages of deduction is really physically hard," he recalled. "You have to warm up, remember to use your diaphragm."

Whatever Cumberbatch is doing it's working, as he could not be more popular at the moment. Back in August he won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Miniseries or Movie for the episode His Last Vow from season 3.

Sherlock returns with a holiday special in late 2015 followed by season 4 in early 2016, though release dates for either have not yet been announced.

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