'Taken 3' News: Liam Neeson Rescues A Chihuahua Named Paco? [VIDEO]


Liam Neeson reportedly rescues a chihuahua named Paco in a Taken 4 parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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Earlier this month, Liam Neeson appeared in a funny parody of the Taken series with help from the host's sidekick Guillermo.

In the parody, viewers see Neeson and Giullermo toasting as Guillermo tells the actor that his dog helps keep him busy.

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This is when Neeson tells him to "listen very carefully" because his dog has just been taken. "No, Paco must be out for a walk," Guillermo replies.

The bad guy to take Paco is, of course, Jimmy Kimmel. When Neeson uses his "very particular set of skills" line from the movie, Kimmel asks him to list them.

"Um. Weapons training, shooting, juggling, or spike writing, origami, two year of high school Spanish..." Neeson attemps to prove.

Like in the past movies, Taken 3 allows Liam Neeson's character, Bryan Mills, to use his famous "particular set of skills" to track someone down. He is attempting to find the real killers of his ex-wife while protecting his daughter.

The original Taken features his daughter, Kim, being kidnapped by the Albanian mob and sold into sex slavery while on a trip to Europe with her friend. What her father thought was a chaperoned trip, turns out to be a solo trip to follow a band around Europe.

In Taken 2, the tables were turned when Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore were taken by the mob as revenge from the first movie. Kim had to follow the instincts of her father to save her parents.

Though the Taken series is wildly popular, this is supposed to be the final movie. It has even been officially subtitled It Ends Here.

Watch the video below.

Taken 3 is still showing in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros.

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