While the Oscars bought us delightful moments which complimented the celebration, there were a few odd occurrences that gave reason for an awkward or cringeworthy pause.

Enstars rounds up the worst moments from the evening of February 22.

1. John Travolta's posing creepily with Scarlett Johansson: Travolta was responsible for one of the most unsettling visions from the night, as he rather pervily leaned in for a kiss from behind while holding Johansson by the waist. In that second, Johansson's look of surprise, also conveys a degree of visible discomfort.

2. Jennifer Aniston and David Oyelwo are reminded of their Oscar snub: In his introduction for the co-presenters for the Best Documentary award, Neil Patrick Harris, reiterated the snub - " "it's my pleasure to welcome two people who absolutely deserve to be here: Jennifer Aniston and David Oyelowo." Aniston didn't get nominated for Best Actress for her role in Cake and Oyelwo wasn't considered for Best Actor for his part in Selma.

3. Joan Rivers is not honoured in memorium: The Academy egregiously faltered by not including Joan Rivers in the tribute segment. The actress had been a very important part of the Oscars red carpet and had an incredible career as a performer, definitely worth celebratinge.

4. Boyhood isn't given due credit: Boyhood only won one award, -- Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actress --of its six nominations. Many critics have been quite disappointed by the Oscars decision to not honor Richard Linklater's magnus opus. Slate's culture editor has already written up his lament about the Boyhood snub in a piece titled: The Academy's Failure to Recognize Boyhood Is Their Worst Mistake In 20 Years