Their relationship is sometimes the only guaranteed one on Looking, but Doris (Lauren Weedman) and Dom's (Murray Bartlett) normally rock-solid friendship will suffer a huge setback.

Patrick & Kevin Finally Go Public As A Couple

In a preview clip for the March 15 episode, the friends are at risk of a major falling out after the money Doris promised Dom for his chicken window appears to not be so readily available after all.

"It turns out my Uncle Buddy's contesting the will," Doris tells Dom in the clip.

Patrick, Dom & Doris Head On An Awkward Road Trip To Modesto For A Funeral

Unfortunately for Doris, Dom will have a hard time accepting that his dreams of his own business are once again shattered-and his frustrations will cause him to lash out at Doris because the promise she made him isn't coming through right away.

"I don't understand why you would offer me money that wasn't actually yours to offer!" he says to her in the clip.

Meanwhile, though his personal romantic relationship with Kevin (Russell Tovey) is going well, Patrick (Jonathon Groff) will have an issue when his family comes to town-including his judgmental and disapproving sister, Megan (Kelli Garner).

And, after an outing with her at the zoo, Patrick will finally learn why his sister hasn't been his biggest fan over the years.

"I am so over Patrick getting a free pass because he's gay," she says in the clip.

"Pardon me?" a shocked Patrick asks.

Looking airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on HBO.