They finally got to be together without the drama of wondering about their exes, but Patrick (Jonathon Groff) and Kevin's (Russell Tovey) relationship could be put to the ultimate test on the season two finale of Looking.

Doris & Dom Have A Major Fallout

Patrick is already moving things into Kevin's apartment as they continue to take positive steps forward in their relationship, but their attendance at a party with some of their new neighbors could expose some of the fundamental cracks they haven't noticed yet.

"Some new meat is of interest," one of their neighbors says to them in a preview clip for the Sunday, March 22 episode.

Patrick & Kevin Go Public As A Couple

As they continue getting to meet new people and knowing their neighbors better however, it could test them in new ways-especially when Kevin seems to be someone many of the guys wind up being attracted to.

"Everyone is so flirty," he says to Patrick in the clip.

"Yeah, with you," Patrick replies.

The flirting could cause Kevin to suggest something Patrick is not okay with however-which may cause them to have an unexpected moment of truth.

In a previous interview with Gold Derby, Groff hinted that the episode would be a big one, which he actually felt was significantly personal to him.

"I've never worked on anything that felt so personal," he said. "And the 10th, and final, episode of this season felt incredibly personal. I couldn't get through the table read without crying. It's been a really special experience for all of us working on it."

Looking season 2 finale airs Sunday, March 22 at 10 p.m. on HBO.