The second season of HBO's gay dramedy series Looking has officially come to a close, but there has been no official word as of yet on whether or not the cable channel would renew the show.

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The series, which has garnered a passionate following but fairly low viewership shares, closed out its second season on March 22 with a fairly open-ended finale, but as of yet, it has not been officially picked up for a third season, unlike its Sunday night counterparts, Girls and Togetherness, which received 5th and 2nd second season pick-ups respectively two months ago.

Now, the question remains as to whether or not the series will receive a greenlight to continue producing new episodes, something those who have been passionately following the show are hoping will happen.

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"Despite the sex scenes (not as frequent as you may have heard) and the provocative language, Looking isn't in any way sensationalistic," Mike Hale of The New York Times wrote about the show after its season 2 finale. "...the show's greatest strength is that it feels real-its characters talk and act like real people, and their decisions, good or bad, are nearly always believable."

In fact, fans of the show have even taken to actively campaigning for the show's renewal, with open letters to HBO about why they shouldn't let the series go just yet-citing its subtle ways of handling complex issues without making them too heavy, the beauty of the relationships and friendships that serve as the heart of the show, and the fact that it is the only program that puts the LGBT audience first all as reasons for it to still be given a shot.

If the ratings are the only factor that goes into consideration for the show's chances, things may not be looking good for the series. While both Girls and Togetherness are also lower-rated series (averaging a 0.30 and 0.17 average for their respective seasons which also came to recent closes), Looking has only averaged a share of 0.10, despite the other shows leading it in.