Paul Walker News: Ludacris Was 'Promised' Inappropriate Paul Walker Jokes Would Be Cut From Justin Bieber's Roast


In a recent interview with Huffington Post Live, Ludacris finally spoke out about the Paul Walker jokes that have been cut out of Justin Bieber's Comedy Central Roast.

The actor suggested that it was insensitive and too early to be joking about Walker's death, and also that these jokes went "too far." He went on to reveal that he had been promised that the jokes would be taken out for television audiences.

"A lot of people took it too far. Basically, it did go too far, and that's what happens at some of these roasts," Ludacris said. "But as long as they edit it to the point where they ride the fine line, it doesn't go over the line, I'm sure we good. Cause we were there for four hours. So they have to edit it down to two. So I'm sure they'll get the best of the best."

The actor didn't quite name names, as in who cracked the jokes about Walker but was clear about the fact that he didn't appreciate Walker's name getting dragged into the slug fest

 "It's not one particular person, there were just certain jokes that were-and I'm not saying anything towards me-I'm just saying there were some jokes that weren't appropriate," he added. "You know, there were some Paul Walker jokes that I didn't feel like were appropriate. And I was told and promised that they would edit those out...Some of those were over the line."

Finally the actor and rapper who participated for Bieber's Roast, which is set to air on March 30, did speak about the young pop stars recent infamy, and how it can be a tough phase for young celebrities.

"I think he went through adolescence," he said. "You can't judge but so much when we're looking at it from an adult perspective and we're watching him literally grow up, so you have to expect him to go through some things ... We all make mistakes."

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