Bruce Willis' "American Assassin"; Chris Hemsworth Offered $10 Million for Role

Bruce Willis may have a new co-star for his film "American Assassin" as Chris Hemsworth has been offered a role.

The "Avengers" star was given a $10 million offer to star in Willis' next big film. The lead role would star Hemsworth as Mitch Rapp, known as the main character in Vince Flynn's spy novel series.

"American Assassin" is the 11th novel by Flynn featuring the terrorist hunter Rapp. The book takes place as a prequel to the series showing Rapp as a student in college learning the ropes of bringing down terrorist organizations. Who better to teach a young action star than "Die Hard" actor Willis who is onboard to play Rapp's mentor.

The spy thriller will be directed by Jefferey Nachmanoff, known for the Emmy award winning "Homeland."

Hemsworth is currently working on the comic book sequel "Thor 2," according to HitFlix. If he decides to take the role it would mean Hemsworth will be a part of another franchise with a large built in audience. His schedule may be the only limitation as on top of the "Thor" movie he is also tied to the next "Avengers" film and the sequel to "Snow White and the Huntsman."

The 57-year-old Willis is returning to the role of an aging John McClane in "A Good Day to Die Hard" which hits theaters February 2013. The "Die Hard" franchise started in 1988 and latest film is about McClane dealing with his estranged son who gets mixed up in a plan to free a rogue Russian leader.

Willis was spotted on Thursday with actress Catherine Zeta-Jones on the set of "Red 2," according to the Daily Mail.

With both actors busy filming it looks like audiences everywhere will have enough action to go around.  

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