The Top 12 of The Voice Season 8 got narrowed down Tuesday night to the Top 10, which sent Brian Johnson and Mia Z packing.

Mia Z & Brian Johnson Humbly React On Twitter To Getting Eliminated On 'The Voice'

Mia Z began her journey on The Voice by turning two coaches' chairs during the blind auditions. Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton were the coaches that turned around.

The teenaged singer selected Williams to be her coach and carried on through the battle rounds, knockout rounds, live playoffs and Top 12 performances before landing in the bottom three of the Top 12 performances round that ultimately sent her home.

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The Voice YouTube channel uploaded an exit interview with her on Wednesday, in which she reflected on her relationship with her coach. It can be watched below.

"Pharrell was just an amazing human being, let alone a coach," Mia Z shared.

From the time of the blind audition, he vowed he would help her develop her artistry as she wanted it to be and he held to that promise.

"I mean he gave so many lessons. Like life lessons, life advice, inspiration, motivation, courage," she revealed, adding that he told her and her now former teammate Sawyer Fredericks "to keep digging deeper into who you are and stay who you are."

She said her "uniqueness" is important to her so she really valued that he said that.

One of the last compliments Williams gave Mia Z on the live shows was him gushing over how proud he is of her for the work she put in throughout the season.

"Loving the blues the way you do...You're 16 years old and you've been showing everybody every week what you know about the blues," he told her.

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