Obama vs. Romney Debate: Celebrities' Reactions On Twitter

The third and final 2012 presidential debate took place on Monday, Oct. 22 in Boca Raton, Fla. President Obama squared off against challenger Gov. Mitt Romney in a debate that focused on foreign policy.

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The exchange was moderated by Bob Scheiffer and celebrities took to Twitter to response to each candidates comments, ranged from serious to funny. "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest, NBC's Ann Curry, "The Voice" judge Adam Levine, E! host Giuliana Rancic and even fallen NFL star Chad Ochocinco weighed in. Check out what Hollywood stars tweeted to their many followers.

Rob Lowe: Good Lord can the moderator shut up??? 

Bill Maher: That's an amazingly specific number Mitt keeps pulling out of his ass, 12 million new jobs. But fellas, this is the foreign policy debate! 

Aziz Ansari: Hypothetical question, let's say Israel calls you up and they say 'we need all your hummus.' What's your move?"#BetterDebateQuestions

Eva Longoria: As foreign policy debate begins let's say a prayer for all our troops home and abroad! God Bless our soldiers!

Ryan Seacrest: Who do you think took this final debate?

Sarah Silverman: I think we all love teachers #bobschafferforever

Dane Cook: Romney loves talking about what he will do on 'day 1.' I bet on day 2 he's gonna play dance dance revolution

Bill Maher: Shorter version of Romney: Me strong. Obama weak. Hulk smash.

Kathy Griffin: I wish they would address the Armenian threat: the Kardashians.

Ann Curry: Loved when Bob Schieffer quoted his mom: 'Go vote, it makes you feel big and strong.'

Joe Manganiello: My vote in this election will be made wioth great thought and several generations of hard work and purpose behind it.

Roseann Barr: Line of the night's 'debates' from President Obama: 'We have ships that go underwater now!'

Lindsay Lohan: Nice work to both @BarackObama and @mittromney...I'm so relieved that it's over. Maybe more than both of you...severe anxiety-God bless xo L

Kal Penn: I wonder how the guy who signed the memo that authorized the raid to get bin Laden is gonna do in the #ForeignPolicyDebate tonight.#ohsit!

Chris Rock: Mitt Romney: America can't afford 4 more years of Obama's failed policies. It's time to try Bush's failed policies again. #debates

Joy Behar: Romney's biggest foreign policy experience is in the Cayman Islands#current2012

Eliazabeth Hasselback: Romney balances budgets consistently. Obama spends your money consistently. #debate#debates

DonaldTrump: Stop congratulating Obama for killing Bin Laden. The Navy Seals killed Bin Laden.#debate

CNN's Piers Morgan: Nobody's winning this - both being equally safe/calm/dull. #PMTdebate

Alec Baldwin: Obama has grown enormously in the past four years. His second term will bring a revival of our economy. Peace in more areas of the world.

Kathy Griffin: What I've learned so far. Mitt wants 2 battle "bad guyz" & Syria,Libya & Russia are chock full o bad guyz. Who wants 2 fund this?

Adam Levine: Romney's America is one of the more terrifying prospects I could possibly imagine. I urge you all to take a closer look at who this man is.

Chad Johnson: I'm sure the debate is good but there's no way Obama/Romney top last weeks debate... that shit was f-ing exciting across the board...

Giuliana Rancic: I love watching the families chatting on stage after #debate. Wish I could read lips!#whatrtheysaying

Rachael Ray: Interesting debate. Obama attacked by being super commander & Romney attacked by killing w kindness. No knockouts according to AM spin.

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