Following the global box office bonanza of Fifty Shades of Grey, talk of the much anticipated sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, is at a high pitch as speculation grows on who will join Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the upcoming film. The buzz heavy follow up is being called more of a thriller, which brings us the series' ultimate antagonist: Jack Hyde.

As bad guys go, Hyde, the commissioning editor of Seattle Independent Publishing--the same media behemoth owned by Christian Grey--is pretty horrible. We won't get into spoiler territory, but lets just say that Hyde, who is frighteningly obsessed with Johnson's Anastasia Steele in the best selling book series and has deep ties to Grey, poses a major threat. So who will take on the coveted role of Hyde? EnStars offers six actors who could nail the juicy part.

Cillian Murphy

If anyone can capture the brooding, revenge-fueled, stalker vibe of Hyde it's the creepy-meets-alluring Murphy. The Irish actor, who turned heads with his unhinged portrayal as the Scarecrow in The Dark Knight Batman trilogy, would certainly knock it out the park. Could you imagine those disturbing eyes zeroing in lustfully on Anastasia? Yikes.

Henry Cavill

The much rumored frontrunner may be a little too pretty to play Hyde (also see Matt Bomer...more on that later...), but that's what makeup artists are for. Cavill's Hollywood stock is rising at the rate of a speeding bullet given that he is firmly entrenched in the role of The Man of Steel. Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice stands as one of 2016's most anticipated films, so if the producers of Grey want to snatch up Cavill they need to hurry before his asking price becomes out of reach.

Matt Bomer

Another pretty boy who may or may not (depending on who you believe) be up for Hyde. One thing is for sure. Bomer, who rose to fame starring as lovable con man Neil Caffrey in the hit USA series White Collar, has been getting his feet wet in more darker material. Bomer is returning to the scary-as-hell American Horror Story anthology series headlined by Lady Gaga.

Alfie Allen

In the Fifty Shades of Grey books, Jack Hyde is described as 35-year-old red head with a pretentious pony tail and piercing blue eyes. The self-deprecating Alfie Allen has called himself the Game of Thrones' "self-proclaimed ginger" (is there anything more heartbreaking than his portrayal of the perpetually tortured Theon Greyjoy?), so he has one attribute locked up. And yeah, it helps that Allen has that somethings-not-quite-right aura.

Joseph Morgan

The second of three gingers on our list, Morgan plays the powerful and at times sadistic Niklaus Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. He can certainly do "evil".

Damian Lewis

The oldest out of the group, Lewis may not fit the age range of Hyde. Nor does he fit the character's curious attraction. But the redhead who amassed critical acclaim during his run as troubled POW Sergeant Nicholas Brody on the Emmy-winning Showtime series Homeland, arguably has the best acting chops out of the six. Sign him up.

Now we must ask: WHO IS GOING TO PLAY ELENA???