Now that Khloe Kardashian has assumed her new role as co-host of "The X Factor," reports have circulated that sister Kim Kardashian is jealous of all the attention her younger sibling is getting.

A report from Life & Style Magazine claimed that Kim feels like the spotlight has been on Khloe lately, which has led to hurt feelings and arguments and disagreements between the sisters.

"Kim and Khloe have been fighting lately because Kim is extremely jealous of Khloe's career. Kim feels like Khloe had become the breakout star of the family, and she hates it," the report said.

But Kim has worked to counteract that public perception, and the 32-year-old reality star has taken to her Twitter account to share her excitement and enthusiasm for Khloe's new role as co-host, which she shares with former "Saved by the Bell" star Mario Lopez.

Kim has written several tweets about how proud she is of her sister, including:

  • "Can't wait to watch X Factor Tonight!!! I love seeing @KhloeKardashian when I'm away from her!!!!!
  • "It's X Factor time!! I love watching @KhloeKardashian on the show, who's watching with me!?"
  • "Wow @KhloeKardashian looks stunning tonight on XFactor!!! Get it @khloekardashian!!! You're doing so good on xfactor tonight!"

For her part, Khloe has said that her sisters have been very helpful in offering "constructive criticism" about her hosting skills, and Khloe added that she takes the comments to heart.

"My sisters have already texted me tips, which I love. I love constructive criticism. I've never done this before, so I just think I can only get better - hopefully," Khloe said. "My sister Kim was like, 'You did amazing, but don't yell so much!' I did notice at some points, I was like, 'Why did I just yell?'"