Cool Dating Apps 2015: 6 Unique Smartphone Applications For Singles Looking To Mingle [PHOTOS]

We all have those friends who have super specific and even outright odd taste in partners. Maybe they only date tattooed guys or prefer to hook up with cat people, but hey, to each his or her own, right? And just like for those friends with unique predilections in paramours, conventional dating setups aren't for everyone. Take Tinder, it's the most popular dating app in the world, but there are still plenty of singles out there whose criteria can't be met by swiping left or right.    

Luckily the world is full of tech startups and programmers who love creating novel solutions to such unique romantic problems. Below are six of the weirdest dating apps you won't believe exist.  


This app is for the bougie-ist lovers among us. It is only available to those of a certain high income, thus it's nickname: "Tinder, but without the poor people." VICE writer Rose Dalle staged a social experiement in which she posed as a user and saw how much free stuff she could get. Dalle explains that she was offered dates in "swanky restaurants" and opera houses, all by pretending to be rich and fabulous (Photo by Luxy)

Salad Match


This app is for current or to-be members of the mile high club. Ever wanted to have a nice romance 30,000 feet in the air? Turns out you're not alone. Huffington Post describes this app as satisfying the desire of planegoers to get to know their plane mates, so to speak. Prepare to experience some turbulence. (Photo by Wingman)


This app is for that person who needs three friends to help them text back their crush. Now, you can take that element to the date itself. It there awkward silence? Does your date chew with his mouth open? Double-check every move you make (or don't make) by live streaming the experience to your followers. Because obviously this won't be weird at all. (Photo by Crowpilot)


This app is for the part of the date after the drinks and dinner. Need a quick way to tell your roommates you are "busy" for the night? Sock-it, and make sure your night goes according to plan without a hitch. According to Engadget, Sock-it wins the "are you bleeping kidding me with this app?" award. (Photo by Sock-It)


Otherwise known as "Tinder, for threesomes,"  3nder is a perfectly strange app that will hook up three potential partners via Skype. If this app is your thing, more power to you, just please use protection. Althought don't expect to much, according to Venture Beat this app might be a dud. As writer J. O'Dell explains "trying to create great threesomes with a mobile app is like trying to sequence DNA with a selfie." (Photo by 3nder)

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