Fox’s Empire star Jussie Smolllet stole all of our hearts via his character Jamal Lyon and now he has opened up about his mega-success as well as his love for his TV mom, played by Taraji P. Henson.

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He told The Wrap earlier this week that very few things have not changed about his life since he was thrust into popularity via Empire. He added that the things that have altered are pretty much all positive.

“What has changed, the great side of it is that I have a platform to show people what I can do, what I love to do and what I’ve been doing for so long. And a couple people are listening now. So that’s a good thing for any artist. Any person period.”

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Still, it’s no secret there’s a downside to fame.

“People all up in your business, but again that goes with the territory— I guess. The great, not even the good, so outweighs the bad…”

As far as working with the amazing Henson who portrays viewer favorite Cookie, he found it hard to find the best thing about acting with her “because she’s so much fun to film with.”

He revealed that his favorite scene is one fans didn’t even get to see.

“From the pilot…It was the very first scene that I ever shot on ‘Empire’ on the first day of filming. It was this whole scene inside of an SUV and we were joking and it was a rest scene and it was an emotional scene. For time, it got cut, but it was truly one of my favorite scenes.”

Thankfully we’ll be able to see more of Smollett and Henson when Empire returns on Sept. 23.