Reality star Heidi Montag is blogging about one of the most bizarre TV series' of this generation.

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On Wednesday, Montag posted a blog via Huffington Post on how she felt about the fifth season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As a big fan of the show, the former Hills star will be providing her thoughts every week on the drama that goes down.

"This season on the elite world of the privileged housewives of Beverly Hills, there is quite the drama stirring!" Montag wrote. "Between new cast members and an old sibling rivalry, we hardly have time to breathe between one dramatic moment and the next."

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The 28-year-old then dished on what she thought were some of the best moments for the fifth season so far.

"Poker Night Fight between Brandi and Kyle and the aftermath!!" is listed as the first one. The remaining favorite moments of Montag's include, "Kim and Brandi's 'fake air' kiss. Fashion-wise, has to be Lisa Vanderpump's confessional outfit- She is rocking that elegant cleavage and her Gem Green Gown. Watching Porsche, Kyle's daughter shop and live the jet-setter life."

Montag then added that the "biggest tear-jerker of the season is when all the moms sent their children off to college."

Check out Montag's link here to find out what else she had to say about the reality stars and all their insane shenanigans.