Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn News: Golfer Says He's 'Always Nervous,' Does He Plan On Retiring? [VIDEO]

Is Tiger Woods planning on saying goodbye to golf anytime soon?

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On Tuesday, CBS Sports posted some details from the legendary athlete who mentioned that despite not playing in the best of his tournaments this year, he will not be retiring.

"I don't have any AARP card yet so I'm a ways from that," Woods said. "I'm still young. I'm not 40 yet. I know some of you guys think I'm buried and done, but I'm still right here in front of you."

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The golfer, who used to date skier Lindsey Vonn, then admitted that when he's out in the field, his nerves tend to creep up on him.

"I'm always nervous. The first tee shot, I'm nervous," he said. "I care about what I do and when I'm not nervous is the day I quit. That means I really don't care what I'm doing out there. I want to feel the rush. I want to feel the nerves. It's just a matter of how do you handle it."

Woods also mentioned his lower-back disk surgery a year ago and how he is recovering well from that.

"They say it takes you about four to six months to get back, but I've heard a lot of guys on tour who have the surgery and other athletes who say it takes over a year to get back," he said. "I think they were probably closer to being right- it being a full year to get back."

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