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'Good Times' Movie News & Rumors: 9 Celebrities We'd Like To See Cast In The Film Version [PHOTOS]

With 'Black-Ish creator Kenya Barris tapped to pen the big screen version of CBS's 'Good Times,' we will speculate just who should be cast.

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  • Originally Played By: James Amos
    Our Choice: Samuel L. Jackson

    There is no one else on the planet that would be more perfect for the tough love parental role than Samuel L. He has already gotten quite a head start with (insert any film) due to his talent for yelling and cursing his way out of any scenario.
  • Originally Played By: Esther Rolle
    Our Choice: Viola Davis

    We've seen her in some really versatile major roles lately, and I for one, am proud that she is finally getting the recognition she deserves. I think Viola would be great for this role because she can be tough when it matters as we've seen on the silver screen (How to Get Away with Murder) but we also know that she has what it takes to produce the tender mother like qualities we know well from Florida (The Help.)
  • Originally Played By: Jimmie Walker
    Our Choice: Jay Pharoah

    If you're unfamiliar with his work, you must have fallen off the Saturday Night Live bandwagon. Mr. Dy-no-mite has to go to someone that can not only channel Walker via through his acting chops, but also impersonate him through their vocal and facial expressions. This is quite a role to take on. However, if anyone can do play such a compelling character, it would be Pharoah.
  • Originally Played By: Bern Nadette Stanis
    Our Choice: Emayatzy E. Corinealdi

    This actress is still making her star rise, which is why she would be a perfect fit for Thelma. She made waves as a supporting actress in Zane's film debut Addicted and stole the show. Now is her time to sparkle, and she is fully capable of such in a lead role where she can take command.
  • Originally Played By: Ralph Carter
    Our Choice: Tylen Jacob Williams

    This teen is an up-and-coming actor as well, but anyone who has seen Everybody Hates Chris knows that talent runs in his family as he's the younger brother of Tyler James Williams. He currently has a role on show Instant Mom. Regardless, playing one of the wittiest kid brothers in TV history isn't a bad role to add to his resume.
  • Originally Played By: Ja'net Dubois
    Our Choice: Janet Jackson

    What would a Good Times remake be without an original cast member? She played Penny, but now that she's all grown up, her role should reflect such. With is exactly why grown, sexy, and funny is a winning combination for Ms. Jackson, being that she's already won many viewers over with her acting abilities. At the moment, Jackson is gearing up for an epic return to the stage for the Unbreakable Tour--coming to a venue near you!
  • Originally Played By: Janet Jackson
    Our Choice: Quvenzhané Wallis

    This little lady's star has risen immensely through various roles she's been cast in. Beasts of the Southern Wild showed us that although she may have been small, she could clearly withstand a storm. Casting her in this remake is a great idea due to her humor and sweetness, but also her ability to deal with a hardship.
  • Originally Played By: Johnny Brown
    Our Choice: Kenan Thompson

    It was his work on Nickelodeon's All That that introduced us to this man's comedic capabilities. Casting him as the crazy janitor fits perfectly due to the fact that he knows his way around a quirky character or two. If fellow SNL cast member Jay Pharoah were cast, movie goers would most certainly leave the theater in stitches.
  • Potential Cameo: The OG James Evans, John Amos

    Cast As: A grandfather or older man in a scene.

    He's still just as amazing of an actor as he was on this show, so why not give him some on-screen time to remind us where we came from? We loved his tough father with a soft spot for his girls (wife Florida and daughter Thelma) role. And we wouldn't mind seeing him revisit that as a family member who potentially makes references to his past role. That'll be comedic!

    Kenya Barris has done an excellent job exposing mainstream society to a different lifestyle of black America than what we're used to seeing, which is why his finished product should be just as enticing. I, for one, won't be able to stay away from the theater when it gets its release.
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