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Jennifer Lopez 'Live It Up' Performance [WATCH]: 'I don't think I'm' racy; Star Cast in 'The 33'

Jennifer Lopez addressed the controversy surrounding her racy costume in her performance of her hit single Live It Up on Britain's Got Talent in May in an interview with The Telegraph on June 19. Twitter and Ofcom, a television regulator in the U.K., were flooded with complaints that Lopez' outfit was not appropriate for a family-oriented program. Lopez said the following in her own defense: "I don't think I'm any racier than any other female pop artist. OK, I'll wear a sexy outfit, but I think it's more because my body shape's a little different to other body shapes, so that's not very fair."

‘Haywire’ Star Suffers ‘Fist Pumping’ Injury

Having a costar like Gina Carano proves handy in Ewan McGregor’s eyes. The mixed martial arts beauty rebounded when McGregor accidentally punched her head with his fist, not only injuring his fingers but his ego as well.
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