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Anne Hathaway On Her Sex Appeal: 'I'm Not Rihanna, I'm Not Cool' (PHOTO/VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway appears on the cover of the February 2013 issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. In the magazine's interview, Hathaway discussed her sex appeal, or rather the lack there of in her opinion. The 30-year-old said she thinks she is seen as a "bizarre-world good-girl character," and "very vanilla, very sweet, very accessible and not interesting."

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss, Flaunts 69 Lb. Drop In Bikinis

Kelly Osbourne posed for a magazine wearing various swimwear for the first time in her career. In one photo, Osbourne is wearing a brown and blue striped bikini sporting with toned arms and a smaller frame in her upper body. In another image, she's wearing a ruffled pink bikini which shows off her toned stomach and thighs. View the photos here.

Megan Fox Baby Talk On 'Ellen' & 'Jay Leno Tonight Show': Reese Witherspoon Kept Delivery A Secret (WATCH VIDEO)

Megan Fox appeared on "Ellen" and "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" this week to promote her upcoming film, "This Is 40." In both interviews she discussed several experiences during her pregnancy. She revealed how fellow actress Reese Witherspoon helped keep the birth of her baby Noah a secret and why she felt like Kristen Stewart's "Twilight" character Bella when she gave birth in September.
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