'NCIS' Spoilers Reveal Dinozzo Meeting Ex-Flame Jeanne Benoit & More

Next week is going to be big on NCIS when it comes to returning guest stars.The episode will show two people such as Scottie Thompson and Jon Cryer back in action after making some previous appearances this season, and based on some of the information we have right now, each will have some rather interesting ways to make their presence felt.

'NCIS: LA' Team Turns Into Cyber Sleuths, Callen & Sam Go Undercover

'NCIS: LA' season 7 episode 13, entitled "Angels and Daemons," shows the team tackling a case that is out of their realm of expertise. According to SpoilerTV, the team will investigate the death of a tech tycoon who secretly developed a unique background computer program capable of discreetly collecting data. Another episode, another drama unfolds. Knowing that the case is somewhat out of their comfort zones, will the team ever solve this puzzle?
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