'Angry Birds' 2: Dive Into The New Fowl Flinging Sensation; What's New With Boss Battle & Arena Play? [VIDEO]

Angry Birds is back, ready to launch onto your mobile device with its first official sequel.

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The avian missiles burst onto the scene during the winter of 2009, and five years later, Rovio Entertainment is ready to send a few more off-color swine to their doom with Angry Birds 2.

Bearing the tag line "Bigger. Badder. Birdier.," Angry Birds 2 has a host of new updates, including a brand new member of the flock. Named Silver, this new chirper boasts "incredible flying skills" and a "goofy sense of humor."

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With Silver in tow, you can head to the arena to take on competitors from the around the world. The goal is to surpass the newbie's vanilla league and battle your way to slingshot dominance in the Diamond League.

Players can also gain an edge over their porky baddies by casting spells. Try out the Pig Inflator or the Hot Chili to spice up game play.

Pick up Angry Birds 2 for free in the Google Play store. In App purchases and ads are included.

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