Wes Anderson is all set to paint the lives of dogs with his eccentric brush.

The filmmaker's next project is going to be a stop-motion animated movie about dogs. Anderson struck gold with his adaptation of Fantastic Mr. Fox, if this movie will be anything like that fans have much to look forward to.

In more recent developments relating to the project, it has been revealed that stars like Edward Norton, Bryan Cranston, Bob Balaban and Jeff Goldblum has signed on to star. Speaking to Nerdist, Goldblum confirmed his involvement and also stated that the movie will be "Japanese-inspired."

This might also be Anderson's little quirky response to his much speculated hatred of dogs, as dogs have been killed off in a bunch of his films like Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums.

Nerdist also sourced an old quote from Anderson after the release of Fantastic Mr. Fox, in which he stated that he was most likely not going to be working in the realm of animation again, in an interview with Nashville Scene.

"With live action, you have an immediacy. With an animated film, you can't predict accidents and surprises. With a movie like this, when it's actually being animated, as carefully as you prepare the shot and all the details, frame by frame, every animator comes up with a different interpretation. Their personalities, interests and strengths come through. You never quite know what it's going to be. The feeling of being in control but nervous and excited about the unknown is the same."

It seems like after a bit of a break from stop motion, the director has shed his inhibitions.