5 Seconds of Summer News 2015: Which Band Members Consider ‘Hey Everybody!’ Music Video Their ‘Favorite’? [PHOTOS]

If you missed it 5 Seconds of Summer dropped their latest music video for their new single "Hey Everybody!" and it is just more than four minutes of extreme epic-ness!

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Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Luke Hemmings teased their brand new music video Wednesday and continued to tease it on Thursday and Friday prior to sharing it later on Friday.

The band members went all out for this music video, taking on interesting roles to tell a story that coincides with the song's lyrical content to a certain extent.

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Clifford dressed up as a hotdog in the music video since he was working for a hotdog vendor in the music video.

Hood was a dog walker in the music video and he admitted that shooting the scene where he is walking a bunch of pups "was actually genuinely f***ing stressful," but it seems like the stress was worth it since the music video turned out rad!

Hemmings seemed to take on the part of a standard desk job worker.

Irwin didn't divulge his job, but it's pretty adorable, yet tragic what happens to him in the music video. You'll just have to watch to see what he does if you haven't yet! Irwin did however share interesting behind-the-scenes photos, including one where he questions if it's him or Kid Rock.

Another photo showed off Irwin's very pink slippers.

This music video was so much fun to shoot and turned out so great that Clifford and Irwin consider it their "favorite" music video that they've shot so far.

Watch the entire video below! There is even a video game-like scene with the Aussies.

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