Cody Simpson Music News: Did Australian Singer Just Tease Lyrics For New Musical Project Coast House? [PHOTO, VIDEO]

Cody Simpson has been going through a lot of changes lately in regard to his music and life in general since he is growing up.

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The 18-year-old parted ways with Atlantic Records towards the end of summer last year and went on to release an independent album called Free earlier this year.

The Aussie seems to be putting a solo career on the backburner for now though.

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The musician recently chatted with Fuse and dished about his new musical endeavor. It's a band called Coast House with his buddies Corey Harper and Adrian Cota. Khari Mateen is also in the band.

"It's me and a couple of my friends and they're all really amazing musicians," he said of the Coast House lineup.

"We're letting it develop naturally, do some local marketing down in Cali, build up a cool following and see what happens," the teen dished.

The goal of Coast House according to the Australian musician is for them "to transcend the stereotypes of young musicians and just be really good."

"Work on the craft and have that be the most important thing as opposed to massive hit songs initially, it doesn't really matter to me," Simpson revealed.

It seems like the teen even teased some lyrics for a song from the band Sunday night on Twitter.

"Darling one/Take me with you/As you run/Into the shining sun," he teased in the first part of the screen shot, followed by, "Let my skin be your canvas/Paint a picture in technicolor/With your gentle hand/I, am a humble admirer/Sitting in your gallery."

This screen shot went without a caption, but the words included are quite stimulating. The words clearly are a sure sign of Simpson further developing his craft as a musician like he talked about with Fuse.

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