Last Thursday night, NCIS actress Pauley Perrette was assaulted outside of her Hollywood Hills home by a man threatening to kill her. According to the actress, who explained the details of the bizarre incident via Twitter, she was "attacked by a very psychotic homeless man" who punched her repeatedly before telling her to "get the f--- out of here."

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During the attack, the man demanded Perrette remember his name, stating "William, Remember. Don't forget that. I'm going to kill you." During what may have seemed to be a hopelessly terrifying moment in time, Perette somehow managed to keep her wits about her. She even went so far as engaging the man in conversation, cleverly telling her attacker that, "William is a beautiful name, I have a little nephew named William."

After Perette cleverly diffused the situation by personalizing it as much as possible, the man struck the actress several times in the nose and forehead, before releasing. She quickly collapsed on the pavement out of shock as the man took off toward Hollywood Boulevard with "murder in his eyes," said Perette.

Although the violent nature of the incident is certainly not a laughing matter, the statement that Perrette posted to Twitter struck many as sticky and contrived, as if written from the perspective of someone versed in theatrics.

Case in point: writer, actor, comedian and author Julie Klausner tweeted several responses to the incident that were far from supportive:

[Edit note: Apologies to Julie Klausner for editing her tweet. She may be R-rated, but we're PG.]

According to People on Tuesday, the man (named David Merck) who attacked Perrette was later apprehended by police and has since been charged with making a criminal threat and false imprisonment by violence, both of which are considered felonies.

On Sunday, Perrette posted another update, including an explanation from the man walking the dog on why he didn't help her.

No word yet from Julie Klausner.