Taylor Swift probably definitely is not pleased that Selena Gomez has been spotted spending time with frequent on-again-and-off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

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The romance between Gomez and Bieber has been a bit of a wild ride. They initially hid it and then began to flaunt it. Things eventually got messy and they have been on and off on more than a few occasions.

With the 23-year-old's new mark with Revival it seemed like she was officially moving on for good or at least for now from the 21-year-old Canadian.

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The Texan has been seen out and about with One Direction's Niall Horan along with a few other really attractive guys, but she has once again gone back to Bieber. Over the weekend video footage surfaced of him serenading her in a hotel.

Anyway, it seems like Gomez's pal Swift is not happy about their reunion according to a report from Hollywood Life on Tuesday.

"Taylor doesn't like Justin, that is not a newsflash at all, but she knows that she can't mother Selena forever," a source dished about the 25-year-old's feeling on the matter.

"Taylor learned the hard way about relationships by going through bad ones and now she is happy with Calvin [Harris]," the source added, explaining, "Taylor is hoping that Selena's reconciliation with Justin is brief and a learning experience because Taylor knows she can't do anything about it and talk her out of it. She has tried many times and has obviously failed. Taylor can only look from afar and hope Selena opens her eyes and realizes she is way better without him than with him."

Yikes! Hopefully Bieber won't wind up coming between these friends since Swift does seem to be so against the thought of her friend getting back together with him.