There's a very good reason why people are going be flocking to the theaters to see the new film Carol, at least accourding the executive editor for AfterEllen (a site that covers how lesbian and bisexual women are portrayed in the media).

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The movie stars Rooney Mara, who plays a woman who falls in love with another woman (Cate Blanchett). In a segment from WCPT, Chicago's progressive talk radio station, that aired on Saturday, AfterEllen's executive editor Trish Bendix explained how the film is only playing in New York and Los Angeles, but she hopes more people will get a chance to watch it.

"I want every lesbian and gay man of course to go see it because I know they will all love it and so I think that they're just you know, people are dying to see it and they haven't released any dates yet, I don't think, for it to come out," Bendix said.

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The film is actually based on the 1952 book The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith, who took a risk on writing about a lesbian relationship since those stories didn't tend to end well when she published it.

"[Highsmith] was a lesbian and wanted to write something that ended up having a happy ending because at that time, all the lesbian novels, I mean you ended up killing yourself if you were a lesbian, going back to you know, your husband, or getting committed to insane asylum so there was nothing positive," Bendix explained.

Bendix also added that Blanchett and Mara's relationship is so "silent," but "that makes it hotter."

Listen to the full segement below, via AudioBurst.