Will Smith President: Actor Says He May Be 'Forced' To Run Against Donald Trump, Would You Vote For Him? [POLL]

Donald Trump's recent comments about keeping Muslims out of the United States completely earned him some backlash--and potentially a new threat when it comes to the Presidency.

Actor Will Smith has now said that comments Trump has made--including the recent remarks against Muslims and his initial ones against Mexicans when he announced his candidacy--are ones which may force him to enter the political arena as the next phase of his career. "There's a contribution to the world inside of me that I can't reach," he said during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning's Tracy Smith. "There's a thing that I'm supposed to be doing. There's a person that I want to be that I always saw the reflection in my grandmother's eyes, you know, of what it is, but I can't reach that thing. There's so much more that I feel that I have to offer that I can't access in myself."

When pressed for details, Smith then revealed that the "crazy" comments Trump has made would make him consider running for President.

"If people keep saying all the crazy kind of stuff they've been saying on the news lately about walls and Muslims, they're going to force me into the political arena," he said.

And when asked which office he would run for, Smith made it clear he would aim high and head for the White House.

"I mean, I gotta be the president, you know?" he said. "Come on! Keep it real. How you gonna ask me that? You know, what else would I run for?"

Trump hasn't responded to the implied challenge, but others have posted their support of a Smith presidency on social media:

Who do you think would be a better President? Will Smith or Donald Trump? Sound off in the poll below!

Who Would Make A Better President Of The United States--Will Smith or Donald Trump?

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