Singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell has been pretty busy lately. In November, the 27-year-old Australian dropped his debut EP All I Know AND picked up an ARIA Music Award for his single "Start Again," and now things are really starting to pick up. Sewell was just officially named the voice of Coca-Cola's New "One Brand" Campaign, an opportunity that could lead to building a bigger fan base and more.

Enstars recently caught up with Sewell to talk about this new turn in his career and even delve a bit into his private life.

Enstars: You started opening Jess Glynne's U.S. Tour this week. How excited are you?
Conrad Sewell: Yes, I started a couple of nights ago in New York. I'm really excited, it's my first U.S. Tour really, so I'm in Boston tonight, I'm getting to see the country and play to a bunch of people, so it's just amazing.

How are you liking it so far?
I'm liking it, I mean there's long days and things like that, but I love being on stage and I'm's so great to be playing everywhere.

What and/or Who inspires your music?
I listened to a lot of Michael Jackson growing up, a lot of soul music, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, you know, anything from the Motown era. And then just pop music, great pop music inspires me and inspires my writing.

What would you say are your favorite lyrics from any of your songs and why?
I have a song called "21 Questions,'" and it's "Raised up right / Lost my faith, but I still pray at night," I think that's a cool lyric. I grew up in a very strict Catholic family, and I kind of lost some of my ties to religion, as you do when you grow up, and form your own opinions on things...but I still have a spiritualness in me, like I still pray...for me that gives me a sense that there is something bigger, so that's a cool lyric.

I read that you were sending out demos when you were only eight years old. It that true?
Yeah, I've been at it for a while, but no one wants to seem to give me a break [Laughs]. Finally, I'm starting to get a few things going my way.

When did you first know that you wanted to perform?
I just used to watch people perform, like performers on the telly and I was always intrigued by them. And the first time I ever tried it myself, I loved it.

What got you involved with Coca-Cola's "One Brand" Campaign?
They came to me with the song ["Taste the Feeling"], and they liked my voice and they presented the idea, and Avicii came on board, and it just all kind of happened. And I really loved the song, and Coca-Cola is such an iconic brand, for them to get involved in my career this early, it's an amazing opportunity, so I went for it.

Coke is a sponsor for some pretty big events. Are you going to be involved with any of this years and performing?
Yeah I think we are doing something for the Olympics, and it is such a massive platform for me, and I'm really excited about that.

So many of us probably wouldn't be able to get through our day if we didn't compulsively check certain apps. Which apps are among your favorites right now that you can't live without?
I think SnapChat and Instagram are my two go-tos at the moment, just because it's a great way of staying connected when you're on the road.

Since you said Instagram...I checked yours out and I noticed you have a few different tattoos. How many do you have in total?
I do...I have about three, not too many. But I do want to get more, I just don't know what to get yet.

Are there any kinds of special meanings or stories behind them?
Mine are pretty involved in family. One of them is my brothers and sisters' birth dates, one of them is my grandpa, when he passed away, I got it as like a tribute to him. And the other one is of Mary, which is, as I told you before, my family is very religious, so if I was going to get a tattoo it had to be somewhat Catholic.

So I have to ask, are there any "special ladies" in your life at the moment?
I've got three lovely girls in my life right now, my mother, my sister, and my manager, and they're enough women that I need at the moment [Laughs]. I'm up for a bit of fun, but I can't give a girl everything yet because I'm too involved in my own career and my own life. Until I'm selfless enough to give a girl everything, I'm going to hold back on the girlfriend thing.

It's still January, which means 2016 is still a fairly new year, so if you had to pick just one goal to accomplish this year, what would it be and why?
I'd like to be nominated for a Grammy for my debut album, because it's what I've dreamt of my whole life, and it's a massive reach, but why not? Let's go for it!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Check out the EP, and I hope to see everyone at a gig, whether that be the Olympics or at a show in their hometown.