You probably know Kevin Smith as the director of such films as Clerks, Dogma, and Chasing Amy. But did you know that the filmmaker and comic lover also has a daughter?

This is Harley Quinn Smith.


A photo posted by Harley Quinn Smith (@harleyquinnnn_) on Jan 31, 2016 at 8:26pm PST

And besides being named after the fantastic Batman comic book character (soon to be portrayed by Margot Robbie in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad film), she and dad Kevin Smith have the sort of father/daughter relationship most people can only dream up. Take a look at how the Smith family does it (and try not to be jealous of their cool dynamic).

They Made A Movie Together

Had the best @yogahosers screening yet at the Egyptian last night. This is the same theater where we had our final #Clerks screening of #Sundance '94. After that Egyptian Q&A, #harveyweinstein bought the flick for @miramax and my career began in earnest, 22 years ago. Flash forward to now: even though all the cast & crew went home Tuesday, I wouldn't leave town until the Egyptian screening of #YogaHosers. @harleyquinnnn_ intro'ed me and then I intro'ed the flick. When the flick ended, we did Daddy/Daughter Q&A until 2:30 in the morning. For this and many other reasons, #Sundance2016 has been my favorite Sundance since my first fest. Granted, the reviews for #YogaHosers haven't been good (and I understand: it's a weird, stupid slice of cinema straight out the '80's) but our screenings have been wonderful! Watching my kid find her tribe was incredibly special and made my 10th trip to Sundance in 22 years just as unforgettable as my first. So when we left the theater in the wee, small hours of the morning, we snapped this family photo to preserve the memory of one of the greatest moments in our little family's history. To add to the Sundance of it all, #harleyquinn is wearing my old #justiceleague jacket that was worn by Alyssa Jones in #chasingamy - which debuted at Sundance '97, nineteen years ago. #parkcity has been the most important town to me since Highlands, where I grew up. I was born in Red Bank, NJ... But I was born again 22 years ago in Park City, Utah. Thank you, #robertredford for creating your magical community for filmmakers of the weirder variety. You provided the mechanism by which I could become who I always wanted to be: Me! #harleyquinnsmith #kevinsmith #kevinsmithmovies #gratefulnothateful #sundancekid #indiefilm A photo posted by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Jan 28, 2016 at 9:48am PST

For most of us, working with our dad would entail mowing the lawn or endless filing. But Harley Quinn got a starring role in her dad's latest flick, Yoga Hosers, which premiered at Sundance this year. Still, working with your dad isn't all fun and games; part of Harley's contract included the legal right to reject him as director of the film. To even things out, Smith could fight the choice of his daughter for her role as well; good thing they get along so famously.

Prop Support

 So the good folks at @warnerbrosentertainment gave me the #harleyquinn bat from the @suicidesquadmovie as a thanks for hosting the #dawnofjustice special on @thecw. I gave it to my daughter @harleyquinnnn_ before we left for #Sundance last week. I asked her "You know what a totem is? It's a powerful, mystical object that wards off evil and gives the bearer strength and power. Before you begin your journey where I started my adventure 22 years ago, I wanted to present you with this powerful totem." She opened the tube to discover the bat and immediately started bawling. Harley cried tears of joy for the next 2 hours. Like her old man, the kid goes to pieces over this comic book stuff. It's not just in her name, it's in her DNA. Regardless, I've never seen anybody so overjoyed to receive a gift. Thank you, @wbpictures & @geoffjohnsdc - you made me look like the most amazing Dad on the planet to a happy-weepy teenage girl! #harleyquinnsmith #kevinsmith #suicidesquad #davidayer #margotrobbie #warnerbros #dccomics #YogaHosers

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As Suicide Squad gears up for a major release, Harley Quinn and her dad have been supremely pumped about seeing her namesake on the big screen. So when the studio gifted Kevin Smith with Margot Robbie's bat from the movie, he turned it into a powerful and touching tribute to his beloved daughter. Not only is it an insanely cool present, it's a wonderful statement of support and love. Sorry, did it just get a little dusty in here?

Cake Makes Everything Better

Celebrities and their kids aren't impervious to scary situations: Harley Quinn was nearly kidnapped by two men outside a Starbucks claiming to be her Uber ride. She got away unscathed, but was understandably shaken up by the terrifying experience. So what did her dad do? To help cheer her up and make her laugh, he got her arguably the best cake ever.

They Nerd Out Together

 Last night, my daughter @harleyquinnnn_ finally dressed like her namesake for #halloween

A photo posted by Kevin Smith (@thatkevinsmith) on Nov 1, 2015 at 8:19am PST

When your dad is a consummate comics junkie like Kevin Smith and you're named after one of the coolest characters in the Batman universe, it's safe to say you'll have a soft spot for fandom. Harley Quinn embraced her name (and the upcoming movie) by donning the classic costume of the character. Kevin Smith was, suffice it to say, delighted. The family that cosplays together stays together!