Giuliana Rancic has just revealed she was fired by the E! Network after initally being hired several years ago.

Is Giuliana Rancic On The 'Chopping Block' With 'Fashion Police?'

In a new interview, the longtime entertainment host claimed she was fired by the network after being deemed "rough around the edges," but ultimatelyy brought back in another role.

“I was fired shortly after I was hired because some people at the network thought I was a little too rough around the edges,” Rancic revealed to The Everygirl website of her first gig with the E! Newtork. “But ultimately, it was that irreverence that landed me the lead anchor position.”

Giuliana Rancic Is Re-Addressing Her Weight As She & Bill Prepare For A Second Child

In addition to her numerous hosting gigs, Rancic has also appeared on reality television.

"When we first started it was supposed to be a special about our wedding in Italy, but shortly after filming we were approached about doing a series," Rancic explained of the Style Network series, which was titled Giuliana & Bill. "We were apprehensive at first, but looking back now it was the absolute best thing we could have done."

"We didn’t know it at the time, but going public with our struggle with infertility and my battle with breast cancer reached so many people who watched our show," she explained. "We had an amazing platform to do some good and spread awareness about these real-life issues that millions of people deal with on a daily basis."